Grouchy Tiger Social Club

The Grouchy Tiger Social Club is a Tiger based NFT eco-system made up of:

  • 10,000 legendary ERC1155 Grouchy Tigers
  • 5,000 companion female ERC721 Tigresses
  • ERC20 Grouchy Tiger Token (GTT)
  • Grouchy Cub Breeding Programme

  • 15k Unique Parent Assets
  • Custom ERC GTT Token
  • Ethereum Network
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Grouchy Tiger Social Club

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Grouchy Tigers Roadmap

(Updated 04/04/2022 - v2.1)

Create Collection

Create 10,000 unique collectible NFTs and mint them on Opensea. Initial selling price 0.01 ETH.

Social Media

Build and develop social media community presences on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Member Prizes/Giveaways

Grouchy Tiger holders will be eligible for entry into our regular member-only prize draws and giveaways.

Charity Auctions

We have a number of Grouchy Tigers held aside to auction off for good causes.

Member-Only Website

Develop a Grouchy Tiger website to promote the project and provide an area with members-only features.

Merchandise Store

Open up an online Grouchy Tiger store offering a trendy clothing range emblazed with your favourite Tigers. Member discounts will be available of course.

Grouchy Tigress Collection

Grouchy Tigers sometimes get lonely and need a companion, enter the Tigress Collection with pre-launch whitelist access to all Grouchy Tiger holders.

Grouchy Tiger Token

Keeping your growing Grouchy Tiger family going takes money and we're going to give Grouchy's their very own currency! Tiger owners will get a small initial airdrop followed by a weekly allowance per tiger/tigress held.

Grouchy Cub Breeding Programme

Once you have a male and female Grouchy and a stack of GTT tokens put aside, then the next logical step is to start a family via the Grouchy Cub Breeding Programme where generating the rarest baby cubs is the aim of the game!

Top Cubs Battle Card Game

Details TBC

Marketing Campaign

Once all the previous steps to the roadmap are complete, invest in a co-ordinated marketing campaign to raise NFT and project awareness.

Tigers Listed For Sale

Below are the Grouchy Tigers most recently listed for sale on Opensea

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